There are many temporary tattoo artists that maliciously brand their “henna ink” as “Black Henna”. It’s called PPD, short for P-PhenyleneDiamine.

This is a poisonous chemical ingredient often used in low quality hair dye.

Henna is never black! It reaches a deep brown color close to black on palms & soles only! So, please don’t be fooled by those who want you harm!


We estimate about 10-20% of the population at large is allergic to this chemical, when applied on the skin. These are the individuals who are prone to get scared for life with a PPD application. This is not including other side effects PPD has on the liver and other parts of the human body!

Below are links to medical articles you should read if you think of getting a “black henna” tattoo. They are good reference to print & take with you to the doctor’s if you think you have been a victim of this poisonous chemical.

Dangers of black henna tattoos (PPD)

Allergy to ParaPhenyleDiamine (PPD)

You can read more Scientific and Historical facts about natural henna here.