Henna Artists Certification


Global Henna Artist Certification
Required for events & fairs
Accepted for Jagua & Body Paints also


The HennaPage Network offers the Global Henna Artist Certification. The certification specifically tailored for henna artists around the world.

The first step of the Certification is the Training Manual donation you pay here. You receive the 17-pages HennaPage Network Training Manual to read & study. After that, you come back to your payment page to find the link to the Henna Artist Certification Exam.
Upon completion of the exam, you have to upload images of 5 henna drawings you have done with henna paste.
Upon a successful passing of the exam & validation of your henna drawings, you will be awarded with the HennaPage Network Certification.
This process takes usually 2-3 days. The expedited process takes 1 day to complete.
This certification attests that you have learned the basics of henna, its practices and applications. It is required by production companies when you register for a booth for events.
It is also required by many institutions when you’re going to an event on their premises.


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