beyoncé's prego henna
Beyoncé’s pregnant belly adorned with Moroccan Henna diamond-shaped designs. read the full article here.

Beyoncé’s prego henna

  Nike events attract amazing happy folks that love to play sports, are active and of course love henna! Athletics people always get dark-colored henna because they are active, their blood circulates more through their bodies and that activates henna and makes it give all its strength. To view more […]

Nike Play event Venice Beach CA

hibiscus flowers henna hand at IKEA store
Henna is lovely inside the garden & outdoor area of the IKEA store To view more photos from this event, go to our sponsors section here

IKEA henna

Red Bull henna
Doing the Red Bull logo using henna is not as easy as it looks. The bull is a force of nature that isn’t square to draw. while many love the Red Bull drink, others love to sport their bull on their skin!      

Red Bull henna

                          Good article on about henna fashions coming up this spring. Henna has always been in fashion, that is its condition. All through human recorded history, there are traces of henna usage. And every year, just like […]

Henna Fashions

The henna wiggle is a cute way to complete a henna wrist band or henna bracelet. it allows the beauty of henna to spark further than just the wrist. it can be made of a vine and leaves, or just dots and tiny paisley.

Henna wiggle

Henna was the main attraction at the Carlsbad Independence Day celebration. We’ve drawn lots of henna tattoos in many different shapes and forms, including henna dragons, daggers, flowers, butterflies, powerpuff girl, surfer girl, fish, roxy logo and many more.

Carlsbad 4th of July Celebration

This year the LA Pride was fun! Lots of people were there for the parade and the enjoyment! Thank you to all the participants for making this a memorable week end!



School Carnival Henna

My beautiful encounter with the henna plant was as soft and delicate as henna has always been to me. I first smelt its sweet scent 100-meters away. it must have been the wind blowing in the direction of our vehicle, like a sign of the henna fairy saying ‘this way… […]

The Henna Plant

Unfortunately Black Henna PPD stories never end. This on coming from a place in the Dominican Republic. sad sad sad to read this when there are so many wonderful NATURAL HENNA products out there, when there are JAGUA KITS to do JET BLACK TEMPORARY TATTOOS that do NOT harm […]

Yet another PPD black henna story